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Dedicated SOC services

Around the clock protection by skilled security analysts monitoring, detecting, containing and 
remediating IT threats.

MSP1 SOC services

24/7 operations
Dedicated security expert
Detection & Response
Alerting & Escalation

Behaviour Analytics
Auditing & Compliance
Log Analysis
Vulnerability Assessment

Monitor 24x7x365

Our analysts monitor your environment and identify threats round the clock

Investigate & respond

We find out exactly what happened and tell you what to do about it

Hunt for threats

We proactively hunt for malicious activity in your environment

Remediate & improve

Identify and address the root cause of recurring incidents and remediate



Our fully-integrated SOC stack is designed to detect not only known threats but the unknown threats hiding in the “grey”, and not typically seen by traditional security measures.

Security technology

You can choose to have your own security monitoring technology or have us bring our own bundled into our service. We are constantly adding to the list; let us talk if you have one not listed here.



MSP1 analysts investigate an event and turn it into human understanding form. Beyond performing continuous disruption and isolation of threats on the network and endpoint, we ensure every notification from our security service is contextualized and actionable before we escalate to our clients.


Tier 1 Analysts

First line of defense and detection which oversees first alert interception, documentation, prioritization and initial investigation in accordance to a detailed guideline protocol.


Tier 2 Analysts

Provides in-depth alert investigation and utilizes various security systems, proprietary tools and unique investigative processes to handle cyber incidents. The team holds vast experience in security and digital forensics.


Tier 3 Analysts

Have vast experience in large scale investigations, and deep understanding of network forensics, network protocols, malware and hacker’s propagation techniques and attack scenarios.


Set-up Team

Focused on optimizing the monitoring infrastructure and ensures the optimal streamlining of the SIEM configuration. 


Incident Response Team

Provides a professional and methodical response and preliminary actions and works on mitigating & containing the incident, while preventing the spread to other systems and stopping damage.


The Intelligence Teams

With ethical hacking background and deep web experience, our intelligence teams are constantly searching, analyzing and producing valuable and relevant threat intelligence for the SOC.

What you get

Spend less time in IT Security Operations, managing products and massaging alerts.
MSP1 tells you what you need to know and what you should care about.

Focus on what matters

We use your products or deploy ours to detect threats, filter out false positives and quickly engage you on the threats you need to care about.

Get remediation actions for each incident

When we confirm an incident, based on services opted, we investigate and remediate or recommend specific actions to resolve each issue. And we communicate them in plain English so anyone can understand.

Improve your resilience

You get recommendations, based on your environment and past trends, so you can fix the root cause
of recurring events or even prevent them from happening in the first place.

Track your improvement

Are you getting better? Measure how we’re doing, see how much better you’re getting and in what ways through our role based reporting.

Benefits of MSP1 SOC

70% less than building an enterprise grade SOC in house

Your security investment + MSP1 experts = world class service

Purpose built technology with enriched security intelligence

Get alerts that matter and needs your utmost attention

If you are looking for dedicated SOC services, Operations Automation, need Security Operations Infrastructure solution or want cybersecurity training for your organization




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