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Significantly improve and accelerate time to detect, investigate and remediate threats


Detection of unknown threats is beyond the capability of traditional security monitoring solutions. Thus, the need of the hour is to identify known and unknown threats as quickly as possible, and contain the spread and impact of the infection.

Vulnerability Management

Managed security services for scanning, testing and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Offensive security testing delivered on time, on budget, on demand.

Readiness and Response

Preparation for data breaches and response to compromises if they occur.


Experts on your side

Our experts have extensive experience using tools and techniques that rival the ingenuity of today’s advanced attackers and their methods.

Our security testing unearths exactly how adversaries think and act, allowing us to demonstrate how an attacker gains unauthorized access to your businesses' sensitive systems and data, so you know exactly where to focus your investment and time in protecting against actual intrusions.


Investigating data breaches

Our digital forensic investigators determine the root cause of breaches and properly collect, handle and maintain the chain-of-custody of evidence to support litigation should you choose to pursue it. And like we have for countless other businesses, we can help you respond efficiently to manage the ramifications of a data compromise.

Threat Hunting features

Behaviour analysis

Real-time log enrichment to provide full user and network behaviour analysis for threat detection and search.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Researches and validates vulnerabilities, applicability of the potential malicious activity and map to client's assets for proactive protection.

Malware Analysis

Discovers malicious activity | Determines sophistication
level of an intruder | Identifies
vulnerability | Catches the
“Bad Guys | 

Prescriptive Analytics

MSP1 Threat Hunting platform leverages deep learning methods to dynamically baseline normal behaviors as whitelists.

Why MSP1 Threat Hunting services?

Lack of Manpower

Organizations wish to benefit from an EDR solution but lack the resources required. It can take months to hire and train a team to implement and monitor an EDR technology.

Lack of expertise

Keeping up with the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape can be challenging and best left to experts. At MSP1 we live and breathe cybersecurity 24x7x365.

Long term costs

Setting up SOC and cybersecurity teams and/or hiring specialists to perform niche tasks can incur high long-term costs and create unnecessary management and personnel complications.

Request a follow up

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for and we’ll get in touch.

Request a follow up

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for and we’ll get in touch.


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